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                   Our 30 year Anniversary of the Cleburne school will take place in a few months!  This is where it all began!!  Punkin Patch came about from a dream of Ms DiAnn.  She opened the Cleburne school wanting to make a difference in children's lives each day.    Over the years, she opened the Joshua location and finally in July 2000 the Burleson location!    Needless to say, there have been thousands of children walk through those doors of PUNKIN PATCH DAY CARE.    Look out 2015, we will be CELEBRATING!!!

  Ms DiAnn wants the best for your children while in our care.  She stresses this to each Director.   

So, if you have not visited one of our schools recently, please do so soon!  You will see happy children in a very safe environment. 


A BIG Thank You to all of our Veterans                   


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We are the # 1 Child Care Center in Johnson County !

God Bless the USA !!

We love our children as though they were our very own!

We support our local communities!!

Now ENROLLING ages 6 weeks to 12 years

Abeka Christian Curriculum (3-5yr olds)
Deliver & Pick Up from Area Schools
Nutritious Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Provided
Year Round Field Trips and Activities
Surveillance Cameras inside/outside
Parents Welcome Anytime

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Family Owned & Operated Since 1985

State Licensed
CCS Designated Vendor

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Grab hold of a magic pencil

Open your eyes and mind

For now begins a journey

Of the most exciting kind.

A journey into learning

A step...a start...a glow,

And we will be there with you

To help and watch you grow.

- Author Unknown